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pharmacy jobs, pharmacist help, pharmacy staffingPharmacy FAQ's

How much does it cost?
For temporary staff, you are billed only for the actual hours worked. You will receive a weekly detailed invoice from SubStaff. Hourly rates vary based on your location, length of assignment, etc. Call Us for a quote.

Who is the employer?
Temporary employees remain on SubStaff's payroll, we pay all federal and state withholding, payroll taxes, FICA, unemployment contributions, worker's comp, liability Insurance, bonding and disability.

How long are we committed?
Assignments can range from one day to 1 year+, there is no minimum duration.

How do I get started?
Click here to place an online order.

Call (414) 962-5999


We'll handle the rest.

What is "try before you buy"?
Before you make a permanent hiring decision, why not test the waters by having your new potential hire work a few per diem shifts to confirm your hiring decision?

Pharmacist/Tech FAQ's

How much does it cost?
All our services are paid by the employer, there is never a charge to the employee.

Who pays your staff?
Temporary employees are paid weekly by SubStaff, based on the number of hours worked.

How long are we committed?
We ask for suitable notice on any long-term  assignment. You can not accept permanent employment with our clients without our  prior authorization.

What is "Try before you buy"?
Before you step into a new career, why not test the waters by working a few per diem shifts at your prospective new employer? We can give you the opportunity to audition a potential position before you make a permanent decision.

How do I get started?

Click here to apply on-line.


Phone us at (414) 962-5999

We'll handle the rest.


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